Who are we?

ICBA - Independent Contractors Benefits Association
The purpose of the ICBA is to educate and assist on issues of importance to independent contractors and to provide benefit programs and discounts that enable individuals to become, or continue to operate as, independent contractors.

The ICBA is a non-profit association established in 2002 managed by an independent Board of Directors for the benefit of its members. It continuously seeks out new benefits to add value to membership

Founded in 1980 on the principles of value, service and reliability, Massmark has more than three decades of experience in serving the lifeblood of a direct selling company - their independent contractors. Its mission is to provide direct selling companies with valuable and reliable products, services and benefits that support growth in both recruitment and retention.

Massmark assists the ICBA in performing its administrative functions including marketing and communications, on-line enrollment, and product procurement. It offers a "turn-key" program of benefits and services from high quality insurance providers to provide financial protection that is easy to access and affordable.