Financial Services

From taxes to tracking expenses and banking, managing your finances as an independent contractor can be confusing, but the ICBA is here to help! We have several great resources to navigate your financial journey.

Banking Services

Online banking specifically designed for contractors.

  • 100% free and 100% online
  • No minimum balance, 1% APY, and free overdraft protection
  • Expense Management
  • Tax Planning Solution

Tax Support

Filing taxes as an independent contractor can be a headache, but the ICBA has partnered with Legal Club of America to make life easier for you. Tax Support Services include:

  • Tax Basics for Contractors
  • Tax resources & quick links
  • Quarterly estimate reminders
  • Professional Tax Support

Financial Education & Credit Counseling

Looking for ways to save for retirement, plan your financial future, or need help with credit card debt? Explore our financial resources such as:

  • Financial Assessments & Advice
  • Online Tools for Money Management
  • Credit & Debt Analysis
  • Online Tools for Tracking Progress

Student Loan Support

Looking to lower your student loan monthly payments or refinance your student loans?

The ICBA has partnered with StuLo to help provide members with access to student loan debt relief and counseling.